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How to Book Appointments

The Corner Salon is easy to find if you Download and Print the Map provided Here.

Unfortunately due to Competitor and Rival salons jealous of the Corner and its success. Booking an Appointment will require you to do the following.

To Book an Appointment at The Corner

  • Call this number from your hotel room or your cell phone Please do not use SYKPE numbers which we cannot see.
  • If we cannot contact you back on a number - we can not book
  • Note: cheap sim cards for 30 baht are at all seven eleven shops
+66 65-2289652
+66 98-3646558
+66 94-4946946
  1. Please provide your Hotel Name, Room number and Full Address
  2. Please Provide a contact number - we may call to confirm this
  3. Please Provide your Full name and country of origin
  4. We may also ask for your Passport number
To Confirm you will Honor your appointment

24 hours before your Appointment - Please call the Corner salon on the number above. Tell the receptionist clearly you are confirming your appointment for the agreed time and provide a phone number they can contact you on.

Failure to do so and the staff will assume you have cancelled your appointment and fill may fill your booking.

We apologize if this is inconvenient for you on your holidays, but we are a business and understand how tourists in a foreign country can miss appointments or get lost in bangkok. Please do not book if you are not serious or know how to get to our shop.

I don't want to Book cos i'm Not sure on Costs

Thats fine, and understandable, All our prices you can see clearly on the salon price page. But For us to give you an accurate quote we need to see your hair and have a chat. All you have to do is print the map out above, and make your way to the Corner Salon in Silom. Its very easy to find with sky trains, subways and Taxis - just print the map here and drop in today.

You don't need to Call to make an appointment to get a Quote. Just call in to our shop. The reception will assist you and give you a visual quote and any info you need.

If it is possible or not too busy the Staff will try and schedule you an appointment at that time or on the same day a few hours later.

There is lots to see and do around Silom area, SO don't worry if you have a few hours to kill before your appointment. or of after you arrive you decide you don't want anything. Your in a good spot to see and do things. When is the best time to Book Appointments

Some days its really busy and the shop is full of westerners and Thais, other days its nice and quiet and we can catch the breeze. It really is unpredictable and depends on high season, low seasons and the weather too. there really is no best time or day to book an appointment. But generally its quieter in the mornings and busier in the evenings.