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Contact Us the Corner
Hair Salon Bangkok

The Corner salon is one of the oldest western catering salon in Bangkok, and its location is ideal for this being Silom - a top tourist attraction zone.

The Corner Salon is situated in a cosey sized down to earth simplistic salon just 5 minutes from Silom road or Sala Daeng BTA station.

The Corner has always been a popular Bangkok Salon for businessmen and women, tourists traveling for the great shopping and bars.

The prices and the quality of the products are what makes this little salon special, and of course Our expertise and devotion to the business. With over 80% foreigners and 20% Thai customers - This place knows what Western Standards are and Value for money too.

If you would like to drop by then The Corner Bangkok Hair Salon is open 7 days a week from 10am - 9pm.

are everywhere, you will find dirt cheap prices and services which match, then there are the more expensive salons in Bangkok, which can also leave clients unhappy and with little change in their pockets. The Corner tries to cater to a Market which in Thailand is usually hard to find - The middle price high quality range, that can cater to foreigners as well.

Try 'The Corner' for quality down to earth services, the owner is dedicated and knows all the latest products and trends,. You can make friends and feel at home with money in your pocket and no double pricing for westerners.

Call Us.
+66 65-2289652
+66 98-3646558
+66 94-4946946